Dr. Keir Colden

Keir Colden is the only survivor of the Malkovro Disaster. He is now being blackmailed into going back, despite grave misgivings and a certainty that they’re all going to die.

Dr. Savir Maxwell

Savir Maxwell is the head of Research & Development at the Venkos Corporation, one of the most powerful corporations in existence. He possesses a strong love for his own family matched only by a powerful disregard for other human life.

Captain Cikatro Hayes

Cikatro “Cy” Hayes is the leader of the Hellion Mercenary Company, hired by the Venkos Corporation to help rescue the research team that has gone missing. The face of the Company, he is a competent and popular leader, quite personable, and extremely loyal to his crew.

Lieutenant Ren Okiro

Ren Okiro is second-in-command of Hellion Company. She is the backbone of the outfit, handling all operational concerns. The Company is her life, and the crew is her family.