The Story

“No one goes in, nothing gets out.”

The Malkovro Disaster is one of the most horrific, yet mysterious, space catastrophes in history. The Novae Corporation’s scientific research outpost, Malkovro Station, and nearly all souls working there were lost, and the corporation folded soon after. Only a handful of people know what happened.

One of those is former mechatronics engineer Dr. Keir Colden, now working as an Undercity mechanic. Six years since escaping Malkovro, he has cobbled together some semblance of a normal life, and wants nothing more than to be left alone. His fragile world is shattered when the head of the Venkos Corporation’s Research and Development division comes knocking with a proposal — help rescue a team of researchers sent to Malkovro… or your family dies.

Contains blood and gore, strong language.

The Creator

“Encephalon” was created, written, and drawn by Jade McGilvray. She works in the CG film/television/games industry in Vancouver, Canada. Follow her on Twitter for news and updates!